But First, an Apology…

Simply put, it’s been far too long. A lot like the plant that doesn’t get watered when you’re out of town, I left this collection of essays unattended. I have reasons but the pump must stay primed. To the regular reader, I sincerely apologize.

Tall and Tan and Young and Lovely…

You know those songs that get inside your head. Sometimes you hear a snippet. Sometimes they just pop in there… invading your thoughts and forcing you to hum against your will? Some folks call these “earwigs.” While I hate that name, it is what it is. This week’s missive is about the mother of all earwigs. Drop the needle…

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

My most favorite pie chimney.

I think I’ve stumbled onto a great culinary conspiracy. The Man is holding us down and we shouldn’t take it. As sure as my grandmother had a lemon icebox pie ready for Saturday supper, there are those who would pigeonhole you because you prefer pie over cake. Don’t let them…

No Top Hat, No Tails, No Tigers

Remember the old bumpersticker “Why Be Normal”? I recently watched a performance that was anything but normal. It was in fact, paranormal or perhaps quasi-normal. Either way, the evening forced me to rethink many of my preconceived notions of what a circus “ought” to be. Step into the big top…

Southern Pride & Prejudice: A True Grits Casserole

An Elvis t-shirt, circa 1982, purchased at Little Rock’s The Armadillo’s Hands

You can’t always control what other people think about you. Where you come from is often allowed to define who you “are.” In today’s essay, I take a look at the plight of the American Southerner. Folks from other parts of the country believe some strange things about us. Some of it has merit. Some of it is just bewildering. Take a gander…

Charlie Owens: Hunter

An infrared photo of Bayou Bartholomew

Today’s addition is a story I wrote a few years ago. Here in Arkansas, hunting is a popular pastime. While I don’t hunt and have some pretty strong opinions about the whole enterprise, that doesn’t mean I’m out of touch with the visceral thrill it gives some folks. Our fellow in this consideration, Charlie Owens, loves every second. Take a quick trip with him and see what he bags…

A Big Bag of Pretzels

The remains of Pine Bluff’s Kress Store

You never know what will make an enduring impression on you. In this essay I’ll take you on a trip to see several Pine Bluff landmarks. Most have seen a better day. Even in their present state, their fragile walls hold a lot of great memories. Take a stroll…

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